Suns Media Day Report

Suns Media Day Report

August 4th meant media day for the Tshwane Suns. Local and national media gathered in Pretoria to listen to Coach George Makena and various players speak about the upcoming season. The team welcomed the media into their home (Pretoria West indoor court) to an open practice session, which saw the introduction of the new roster. With the changing face of the team and the recently lost players, it was important for the team to reintroduce itself to the media and the rest of South Africa.

The team has seen significant additions such Everisto Pasipamire, a power forward from Vaal University, who brings versatility and youth to the position. Another addition is Celumusa ‘Stanga’ whose defensive tenacity and ability to shoot will assist the team in its quest to regain the title. (Please click on the roster to see other additions).

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In just a few days the BNL will be back in our lives until October. What a time to be alive.

The biggest question for everyone was can the team compete after losing key players? Can it gel in time for the season opener, especially regarding the fact that the team had not been broken up in the past 3 seasons it has competed in the league. The teams’ response was that, they are hungry, determined and ready to play. The attitude of the team is fitting of their motto for the season. #AllHeartNoHype.



All Heart. No Hype

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