10 years since the inception of the league,  the Tshwane Suns reflect on the journey thus far and the path that lies ahead. 4 men’s championships. 1 women’s championship.

This season means something different to our basketball organisation. It is the season that our esteemed basketball club celebrates its momentous milestone—10 years of success in the Basketball National League. The club, once a small group of passionate individuals, had grown into a formidable force in the basketball community. Memories of intense matches, thrilling victories, and unwavering team spirit flood the minds of players and fans alike. Championship banners proudly display the club’s achievements, while jerseys worn with pride showcased the dedication and hard work that have brought us this far. Players, old and new, reminisce about their shared journey. The club’s success is not merely measured in wins and losses but in the enduring friendships forged and the profound impact they had on each other’s lives. As the season progresses, it is evident that the basketball club’s legacy would continue to inspire future generations, fostering a love for the game and an unwavering commitment to teamwork.