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The Tshwane Suns Basketball Club is a professional sports organisation that sets out to make a positive difference in the community by changing people’s lives through basketball. At the Tshwane Suns Basketball Club, we value excellence, on and off the basketball court. Our focus is to use the sport as a tool to foster development and bring about change in the community, and nation.

The Tshwane Suns are part of the professional league in South Africa participating in the Basketball National League televised on SuperSport. They are the most prestigious club in this league as they are four-time champions in the men’s division, and are the 2021 champions in the women’s division.

The club has about 115 people split between players, coaches, administration staff, volunteers and management. Tshwane Suns are heavily involved in the communities of Pretoria where they are based and seek to empower youth in a variety of ways.


The Tshwane Suns Women’s team was launched in 2019. The team participates in the Women’s Basketball National League (WBNL) that is aired on Supersport, and were runner’s up in the inaugural 2020 season. The team won the 2021 edition of the WBNL.

The women’s team has an experienced technical staff, and the players themselves are all high achievers in their day to day lives. Tshwane Suns as an organisation seeks to enable, and uplift women in society.


The Tshwane Suns Basketball Academy was created to make a positive difference in the community by changing young people’s lives through basketball.

Kids learn more than just skills and drills at the Tshwane Suns Basketball Academy. Our focus is on helping each player succeed and grow both on and off the court and is shaped by the belief that kids excel when they have fun.

The academy delivers the highest level of personalised coaching and mentoring through age-appropriate drills and games, allowing players to learn the correct technique and build their basketball foundation through solid fundamentals.

Our program also emphasises principles and values of leadership, studying, nutrition, fitness and teamwork, ensuring a well-rounded educational and sporting experience.

The aim is to instil a passion for the game, respect for teammates, and opponents, inspire confidence and give young people healthy and wholesome activities that will help them to develop into future leaders in whatever capacity they find themselves in.



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