Tshwane Suns vs Soweto Panthers

Soweto Panthers - Tshwane Suns
30 Oct 2016 - 14:00Wembley Indoor Arena

Game Review

In an epic match up Tshwane Suns and Soweto Panthers would meet again. Reece Prinsloo of the Soweto Panthers would open the stat sheet with 3 offensive boards and a basket in the early seconds of the game but the Suns would answer immediately with a basket for starting point guard Tich Mabiza.

Panthers would set the tone of the game with every offensive play in their arsenal forcing the Suns to trail throughout the first quarter. Leave no doubt being the motto, the Suns would make an effort to tie the game at 4:40 in the second quarter. Larry Jackson’s dominance would assist in this come back to tie the game.

Panthers showed some resilience and would take the lead again to dominate most of the third quarter. While both teams traded basket for basket, the highlight of the game would be a big three point shot made by Neo Mothiba. A beautiful sequence, Larry Jackson received the rebound made an outlet pass to long who handed off to Mabiza. Mabiza raced down the floor settled his team and made the pass to Mothiba, Mothiba looking for his shot handed the ball back to Mabiza parked in the corner. Dribble penetration , with the dish to Mlungisis Shongwe spotted on top of the free low line opening up for the shooters and low behold Neo Mothiba would be ready to make the shot bringing the Suns within one. The game would be won this way; Panthers would make a turnover up by one which placed the ball in Tich Mabiza’s hand with Dumisani Moyo running down the floor for the break. It was in that moment that Mabiza made the gutsiest pass, threading the needle between two defenders with 27 seconds left to play. Dumisani Moyo with the ready hands caught the ball to finish the play with an and one to close out the game and see the Suns win the game 54-52.