Player Profile

Emmanuel Shine

21 Center

Nationality :DR Congolese
Date Of Birth :01 July 1994
Height :198cm
Weight :98kgs
  • CPosition
  • 4Games Played
  • Minutes Played
  • 4Starts
  • 2Experience (Years)
  • Egoli MagicPrior Team
  • Points
  • Assists
  • Total Rebounds
  • Blocked Shots
  • Steals
  • Personal Fouls
  • Efficiency
  • Field Goals Made
  • Field Goals Attempted
  • Field Goal (%)
  • 3 pts Made
  • 3 pts Attempted
  • 3 pts (%)
  • Free Throw Attempts
  • Free Throw (%)
  • Offensive Rebounds
  • Offensive rebound (%)
  • Assist to Turnover Ratio
  • Defensive Rebounds
  • Defensive rebound (%)
  • Steals (%)
  • Blocks (%)

About Emmanuel Shine

Shine (pronounced shee-neh) loves scoring by any means necessary. He keeps working to impose his scoring prowess on his opponents. He takes pride in defense as he believes it wins games. He is willing to do whatever it takes for his team to win. A gifted rebounder who has a knack for keeping possessions alive on the offensive glass.

Education: GeoInformatics

Occupation: Professional basketball player

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Emmanuel loves reading and playing board games. He hikes every now and then. Cooking is one of his favorite things to do

When the needs of the team are met before the wants of an individual, success is inevitable